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What sort of palace is this? Where the Queen pulls a sword upon the King, and he upon her. Where they destroy one another behind closed doors, yet in public dance like lovers.

Celestial Dynasty.

I wish I could give this all up, I wish I had never built anything, never touched anyone else, never lived anywhere you had not been with me, never married, never allowed myself to think that it would ever be viable to love you and love this world simultaneously. I wish that I could pass this heaviness off, and that I could run away with you and live like a nomad, into the forests, in the mountains, in the middle of a barren wasteland…

Crystiniana. Celestial Dynasty.

There are not many barren wastelands left around these parts. You’d turn it into an empire from the moment your boots hit the ground, because that is who you are, I know that, I believe it as if it were my own religion.

Leander. Celestial Dynasty.

…he felt a sensation that drew him back within himself, as if all feeling had an internal grasp, his muscles were injected with an ache that pulsated, he was sent away from the small room in which they stood, for just a moment he was only a speck of light. When his mind returned to her, his body jolting back to the situation, every part of him felt as if it had been through battle. To be so content, to live the last week with no tension at all, this surge of anxiety physically shook him. His trepidation before this, his avoidance of her and his feelings, had been in place to avoid such a moment occurring, to avoid disappointment or further hurt. In the instant he had let himself believe she cared once more, he had let down all defences. And now he realised that this may never have been a victory over his fears.

Celestial Dynasty. (via celestial-dynasty)