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I do not seek to create a Utopian society, for I do not believe such a mythological notion is compatible with life itself. We will always have a need to speak up and voice new opinions, to have a clash of ideals, we will always seek ways to better ourselves, we need to endeavour to live. We will always fear, for even in Arcadia there is death.

And what if we lived in such a world with no more need for any of these feelings? I believe that would be the end of all time, we would cease to exist if we did not have our struggles. However, I do not condone any belief in Utopia, for we would also perish without such a beautifully fabled light to climb towards.

Let us build our cities in the shadow of Utopia, wanting for peace, but remembering that life is not designed for precision. There is nothing in nature that will ever allow for endless calm, for true Utopia can only exist in those empty voids between stars, beyond mortal bodies, all living creatures, beyond flora. Where there is eternal silence.

Crystiniana. Celestial Dynasty. (via celestial-dynasty)